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"Giving a Shit" is so 2009


"That’s so gay"

i had a coworker who would say “that’s gay”. When I would look at him sideways, he would just say, “Oh, come on! I don’t mean it like THAT! Look, I HAVE gay friends.”

There is no way to replace a negative adjective with “gay” or “queer” and not “mean it like THAT”. If you are queer or an ally or a decent human being, you will NEVER be okay with that and you will ALWAYS try to educate those people who think it’s acceptable.


i went to sushi with a bunch of queer people last night. the waiter asked if there was any special occasion, we just said that we were having a queer day. so this is what he wrote on the check :D

New hairs

Warm up room at state last year :) choir nerds.. fuck yeah


Greg’s Guitar

“Every once in a while I actually play an instrument for real. In this picture Lindsey has captured me strumming a little ditty I like to call, ‘Sara, act like you like what I’m playing for this picture.’ It’s beautiful. Obviously. This guitar I’m playing was easily one of the nicer guitars I’ve ever held. I put it back where it belonged when the second the photo was taken. I was terrified to break something this whole first week. Greg has nice stuff.” – Tegan Quin


Two Thumbs Down

“Sara loved the new song I played her. What a sport she is!” – Tegan Quin

someone come talk to me? :D

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yes.. i made this one.

For anon:)

going through files on my comp.