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"Giving a Shit" is so 2009


"That’s so gay"

i had a coworker who would say “that’s gay”. When I would look at him sideways, he would just say, “Oh, come on! I don’t mean it like THAT! Look, I HAVE gay friends.”

There is no way to replace a negative adjective with “gay” or “queer” and not “mean it like THAT”. If you are queer or an ally or a decent human being, you will NEVER be okay with that and you will ALWAYS try to educate those people who think it’s acceptable.

Selfie Sunday.


i went to sushi with a bunch of queer people last night. the waiter asked if there was any special occasion, we just said that we were having a queer day. so this is what he wrote on the check :D

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yes.. i made this one.

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Here I sit eating donuts.. Wanting to discuss something.

Today, I was with my friend, Matt. We had a short exchange about how everyone is at lest a little curious toward the same gender or has had queer thoughts or whatever. I can’t say for sure what others think and it is unfair of me to speak for the world. But, I think that this theory is very interesting. Gay, straight, bi, transgender, genderqueer, questioning, asexual, whatever. We can all recognize an attractive human being. I think that the people who are homophobic and close- minded are those that are afraid of their attraction to the same sex or to any deviation from what is “normal” or “acceptable”.

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Taylore’s Theory Of Sex

Kissing is the ultimate determinant. If you are an intuitively good kisser, you will in turn be intuitively good in bed.

Now, this can be individualized and can be applied to couples.

Some people are great kissers. They know just the amount of lip and tongue balance to achieve, and achieving it is far from difficult. These people are in tune with the body, their own and their partner’s. They know what is right and what is wrong by feeling and by the subtle gasps and twitches of pleasure that escapes their partner’s lips and muscles. They know how to repeat what is good. They have all the right things to say and whisper to cause melting and wetness and tense muscles and all the great stuff we all love about sex.

Some people are less fortunate, and the art of kissing is foreign and strenuous for them. Simultaneously, their sense of the body and its desires are all but natural, and pleasure is not the most facile thing to accomplish.

In terms of couples, some people simply mesh well together. Their kissing style is similar, they may both enjoy less or more tongue, they might already have things to whisper to make the other melt, or places to touch that cause chills in the other’s body without prior knowledge. This is most often the scenario and the couple is very fortunate.

On the other hand, some people may just not mesh well at all. One person may kiss with more tongue than the other enjoys and excessive slobber is made. Teeth might clash, hands may simply be present, not pleasurable.. there are a number of reasons why they are not compatible lovers. Unfortunately, this is the most common cause of failure or struggle towards/ with intimacy. This must be kept in mind, and when asked about the less than pleasant hook- up, the response should not tear the other down, rather give justice to the unfortunate situation.

In review, we see the direct relationship between kissing and love- making. This corrolation is due to the physical intuition of the individual and varies both from person to person and from couple to couple.

There you have it: Taylore’s Theory Of Sex.

'Nuff said

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I’m against bullying period!

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