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"Giving a Shit" is so 2009



i went to sushi with a bunch of queer people last night. the waiter asked if there was any special occasion, we just said that we were having a queer day. so this is what he wrote on the check :D

New hairs

someone come talk to me? :D

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yes.. i made this one.

Here I sit eating donuts.. Wanting to discuss something.

Today, I was with my friend, Matt. We had a short exchange about how everyone is at lest a little curious toward the same gender or has had queer thoughts or whatever. I can’t say for sure what others think and it is unfair of me to speak for the world. But, I think that this theory is very interesting. Gay, straight, bi, transgender, genderqueer, questioning, asexual, whatever. We can all recognize an attractive human being. I think that the people who are homophobic and close- minded are those that are afraid of their attraction to the same sex or to any deviation from what is “normal” or “acceptable”.